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Enhancing Spark-plug Life in Large Gas Engines

  • David Lepley
  • Luigi Tozzi
Gas Engines Gas Engines

High energy electronic ignition systems deliver up to ten times the spark energy of traditional systems, enabling combustion of lean mixtures in gas engines with high MEPs. Altronic and Prometheus Applied Technologies have investigated the longevity of spark-plugs energised by these systems, based on a greater understanding of processes within the spark gap.

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Modern high energy tuneable ignition systems help high performance gas engines run reliably and efficiently. Delivering up to ten times the spark energy of traditional electronic ignition systems, they overcome the difficulty of igniting lean mixtures and the quenching effect of the small spark gaps required by engines with high brake mean effective pressures (BMEP). This results in lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, and higher specific power output. In older engines, meanwhile, high energy ignition systems can restore reliability when wear or fouling has compromised the effectiveness of OEM ignition systems.



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  • David Lepley
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  • Luigi Tozzi
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  1. 1.Altronic LLCGirardUSA
  2. 2.Prometheus Applied Technologies LLCFort CollinsUSA

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