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Real-time Combustion Diagnostics and Control for Improved Engine Management

  • Jason Barta
  • Gregory James Hampson
Cover Story High Efficiency

Woodward Engine Systems has developed an advanced management system capable of processing cylinder pressure data at high speeds and high definition. Targeting production engines it achieves more precise combustion control in diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines, including the latest engines where the proportions of gaseous and liquid fuels can be varied over a wide range.


A production-ready embedded processor, called Real Time Combustion Diagnostics and Control (RT-CDC) has been developed by Woodward Engine Systems with the capability to process high-speed cylinder pressure data with a resolution as fine as 0.25° of crank angle (°CA) and capable of producing a comprehensive suite of diagnostics for monitoring combustion, as well as filtering and averaging the combustion diagnostics in real-time for use in a control loop.

The RT-CDC is capable of processing up to 20 cylinders in real-time with a total processing time for each cylinder of around 2.5 ms. The real-time combustion...


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The authors wish to thank Oak Ridge National Lab and the University of Wisconsin-Madison — ERC, for help with engine technical questions; Colorado State University student Andrew Hockett for his help setting up the engine and his research in the area of dual-fuel and RCCI combustion, also Professor Dr. Anthony Marchese for supporting our continued research in this area; Woodward management for supporting this project; and special thanks to Mike Riley for his assistance with this project; and Blake Suhre for his technical guidance.


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  • Jason Barta
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  • Gregory James Hampson
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  1. 1.Combustion and Engine Thermodynamics Team Technology GroupWoodward Engine SystemsLovelandUSA

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