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Valve Control Management for Enhanced Gas Engine Performance

  • Michael Gisiger
Development Engine Systems

As well as being an enabler of strong Miller Cycles in large engines, variable valve timing offers a range of further benefits. With its VCM Valve Control Management system which offers very flexible variation of both valve timing and lift, ABB Turbocharging is exploring the potentials of variable valve timing as a means of managing the performance of four-stroke gas engines.

Enhancing gas engine performance

Natural gas offers distinct advantages compared to diesel fuel: reducing operating costs and at the same time allowing compliance with tight emissions regulations without complex exhaust gas aftertreatment systems. While lean burn gas engines are already widely used for stationary applications, there is a strong motivation to develop high power density (high BMEP) gas engines for demanding applications such as marine propulsion, off-highway traction, compressor drives, etc. In order to satisfy specific application characteristics, such as highly dynamic engine performance and wide...


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