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Two-stroke Piston Rings for Reduced Oil Feed and Optimised Distribution

  • Richard Mittler
Cover Story Engine Components

Demands for efficiency and future emissions regulations in the two-stroke large engine sector are driving new developments in engines, components and systems. Federal-Mogul’s new piston ring concept reduces oil feed requirements and optimises oil distribution to avoid issues with excessive wear and corrosion.


One of the main goals of the marine industry’s strategy to meet future emissions requirements is the development of high efficiency long stroke, low speed, two-stroke engines. The fact that a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is in direct proportion to reductions in fuel consumption is fully recognised. However, there is also a major influence from the burnt and unburnt lubrication oil in the exhaust gases [1].

The main problem is already evident in current engine types. Their tribological characteristics must be capable of distributing the lube-oil on the cylinder liner wall so that the running surface of the piston rings can fulfil the demands of sealing,...


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  • Richard Mittler
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  1. 1.Analysis and Product Development Technology Rings & LinersFederal-Mogul Burscheid GmbHBurscheidGermany

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