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Diesel Engine Optimisation for Fuel and Wear Savings

  • Magnus Karlsson
Development Combustion

Optimising combustion and cylinder power balance holds the potential for useful reductions in fuel consumption and engine wear. Accessing savings far in excess of the investment in equipment and time, the Author has interpreted cylinder pressure diagrams produced by electronic engine indicators to improve combustion on mechanically governed engines in a fleet of chemical tankers. All the adjustments were within the limits imposed by NOx emissions compliance set out in engine technical files. This article is based on Paper 276, presented at the CIMAC World Congress 2013 in Shanghai (China).

In-service combustion optimisation

Using commercially available portable engine combustion analysing instruments — in this case the Doctor device from International Technology, Switzerland — whose analysis software produces accurate combustion diagrams, it is possible to achieve reduced fuel oil consumption and maintenance costs by optimising the combustion of mechanically governed diesel engines in...


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  • Magnus Karlsson
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