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“End users are eager to use available gas wherever they can”

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Major trends in the large engine market are the move to gas and efforts to optimise efficiency and emissions by regarding engine powered applications holistically. As executives in an organisation with stakes in both the high and medium speed engine markets, gen-set packaging, energy systems, and as part of Rolls-Royce, a producer of marine and stationary gas turbines, and ships’ systems including propulsion plants, Ulrich Dohle, Chairman of the Executive Board and Head of the Technology Division at Rolls-Royce Power Systems and Dr. Christoph Teetz, Vice President Research and Technology, MTU Friedrichshafen, offer deep insights into these new directions. Further broadening the interview partners’ global overview is the fact that Christoph Teetz is the current CIMAC President.

Dr. Ulrich Dohlegained a Degree in engineering, specialising in combustion engines and a Doctorate in stationary combustion from the RWTH technical university in Aachen (Germany). Until 2009 he worked for...


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