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“Current gas engine developments WILL set the pattern for the next 30 years”

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Gas engines are forecast to take an increasing share of all segments of industrial and marine engine markets. Indeed, every size and speed of large diesel engine is a now candidate for gaseous fuel operation, either as a “pure” gas engine or operating on a wide range of gas to liquid fuel ratios. To get an idea of the way engine developers operators are thinking we spoke to Andrei Ludu of AVL List.

Andrei Luduis the Deputy Vice President for Large Engines at engineering consultancy AVL List GmbH, Graz, Austria. A Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, Internal Combustion Engines at the Polytechnic Institute of the Bucharest Technical University, in a series of functions within large engines at AVL List, Ludu was instrumental in building up AVL List’s expertise in large diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines. Between 1986 and 2011 he was involved with a full spectrum of engine R&D, including engine development and testing, thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, fuel systems and...


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