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Energy Efficient Hydraulic Systems for Large Engines

  • Steffen Fischer
Development Hydraulics

Hydrostatic power offers considerable advantages in terms of transmission flexibility, controllability and power density. There are many potential uses for hydrostatic power on large engines, of which several are standard on low speed two-strokes. Bosch Rexroth and a partner company have developed hydrostatic systems for converting surplus energy in engine exhaust gases into interesting fuel saving options, including power-take-in at the crankshaft and driving auxiliary systems.

Fuel savings for economy and ecology

As global energy demand increases, costs rise and supplies become scarcer, so innovations that can provide savings are increasingly sought after. An “off the shelf” technology that addresses these challenges and can be rapidly implemented is advanced hydraulics for energy recovery and engine system automation.

Saving fuel has both noxious and greenhouse gas emissions reduction benefits. Hence, a major technology driver is global regulations to reduce the greenhouse gas...


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The author wishes to thank Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding for permission to publish the information about THS.

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