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“Marine engines need to operate at optimum efficiency while complying with local laws”

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After a false dawn, the shipping sector, which accounts for well over half of all large engines, is only slowly recovering. And of all the market segments, the most stubbornly stagnated is marine medium speed. Dr. Christian Poensgen, Head of Engineering at MAN Diesel & Turbo SE in Augsburg, Germany gives us insights into how a leading manufacturer is addressing the technical challenges of the present market.

Dr. Christian Poensgencame into the large engine industry in 2008, following a successful career developing aero engines and industrial gas turbines, another form of combustion engines but a distinctively different industry. However, as he points out, the similarities far outweigh the differences in terms of applications and contexts, and going right back to basics, the physics is essentially the same. In the meantime, while MAN Diesel is now MAN Diesel & Turbo (MDT) and also encompasses gas turbines and other turbomachinery, Poensgen can be said to have made his mark in the...

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