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Developing Turbochargers for IMO Tier II and IMO Tier III

  • Klaus Buchmann
Development Emissions

IMO Tier II and IMO Tier III regulations are currently the main drivers in the development of medium and large sized diesel engines in marine applications, while in the area of gas engines market demand calls for improved efficiency, combustion stability and increased power density. Both of these factors dictate parallel development of turbocharging system providing a higher boost pressure and optimised efficiencies.

Turbochargers for new demands

With the new ST27 range of radial turbine type turbochargers, Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH (KBB) has addressed and continues to address the challenges of IMO Tier II, the second stage of emissions legislation from the International Maritime Organisation.

Based on the successful HPR range, single stage ST27 turbochargers attain pressure ratios up to 5.5 combined with high overall efficiency. Compared to the HPR range, the ST27 range has been expanded by two additional sizes.

The new design features of the ST27 range are described below,...


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