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“Lean Burn Gas Engines are Mature Products which can Beat Allcomers on Emissions”

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The prospect of gas engines being used to fulfil IMO Tier III in Emissions Control Areas puts both spark-ignited and pilot ignition gas engines under the spotlight. With their clean burning, no sulphur fuels, there is no doubt that they can fulfil most emissions targets. But what about reliability, longevity, power density, load acceptance, maintenance and safety in the traditionally cautious marine industry? Giving a comprehensive snapshot of the state-of-the-art, leading gas engine expert Günther Herdin addresses these and other reservations.

Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Günther Herdinis one of the best regarded gas engine experts, having spent most of his working life in the development or application engineering of gas engines. He says that his profession is his hobby — he typically spends 80 hours a week on engines and associated systems. Most of all, he enjoys working at the frontiers of technology. As well as his own consultancy, PGES, advising on gas engines and their applications, he is a...

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