Acknowledgement of Reviewers 2018

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Editorial Notes

The quality of any scientific journal depends to a large extent upon the voluntary work done by reviewers. This important work is usually done in anonymity. Considering the time and effort that is put into reviewing, the Editorial Board of Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica acknowledges this by publishing a list of reviewers. The list below gives the names of all known reviewers of accepted and rejected manuscripts in 2018. We thank you all.

M. Bagiya

P. Barman

R. Barzagi

T. Biró

C. Bizouard

I. Bondár

K. Chanard

F. Chen

K. Csicsay

B. Devaraju

S. Doganalp

J. Erdelyi

M. Farkas

F. Freund

J. Friedt

Z. Graczer

G. Guerova

S. Gyöngyvér

E. Győri

N. Holzrichter

R. Horvath

R. Jager

M. Kaban

A. Kenyeres

G. Kermarrec

A. Kern

J. Kiss

M. Kiszely

V. Kossobokov

J. Kuczynska-Siehien

S. Kumar

P. Laky

J. Lei

A. Le-Pichon

L. Margerin

F. Massin

C. Mekik

P. Mialle

G. Molnar

S. Nandan

E. Oksum

A. Pal

B. Paláncz

G. Petho

M. Popa

M. Radulian

R. Ray

M. Rezaeifar

S. Rozsa

A. Singh

S. Stankov

B. Süle

N. Szabo

S. Szalai

J. Szendroi

E. Szűcs

L. Szűcs

M. Tesauro

G. Toth

Z. Toth

D. Tsoulis

P. Vaclavovic

L. Valoroso

B. Vanek

H. Vedel

G. Vergos

Z. Vörös

B. Wang

Y. Wang

L. Wang

R. Weber

Z. Weber

T. Weidinger

V. Wesztergom

S. Williams

G. Wórum

K. Yamamoto

S. Zaminpardaz

P. Zsuzsanna

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