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Irregular colorings of derived graphs of flower graph


The concept of irregular coloring was established by Radcliffe and Zhang (AKCE J Graphs Combinator 3(2):175–191, 2006). Irregular coloring is a proper coloring, in which distinct vertices have different color codes. In this paper, we find the irregular chromatic number for the following graphs: \(M\left( F_{n}\right) \), \(T\left( F_{n}\right) \), \(L\left( F_{n}\right) \), \(C\left( F_{n}\right) \), \(M\left( J_{2,n}\right) \), \(T\left( J_{2,n}\right) \), \(L\left( J_{2,n}\right) \), \(C\left( J_{2,n}\right) \), \(M\left( W_{n}\right) \), \(T\left( W_{n}\right) \), \(L\left( W_{n}\right) \), \(C\left( W_{n}\right) \), \(M\left( B_{n}\right) \), \(T\left( B_{n}\right) \), \(L\left( B_{n}\right) \) and \(C\left( B_{n}\right) \).

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  • Irregular coloring
  • Middle graph
  • Total graph
  • Central graph
  • Line graph

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  • 05C15