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Homogenization of a nonlinear parabolic problem corresponding to a Leray–Lions monotone operator with right-hand side measure

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In this paper we deal with asymptotic behaviour of renormalized solutions \(u_{n}\) to the nonlinear parabolic problems whose model is

$$\begin{aligned} {\left\{ \begin{array}{ll} (u_{n})_{t}-\text {div}(a_{n}(t,x,\nabla u_{n}))=\mu _{n}&{}\text { in }Q=(0,T)\times \Omega ,\\ u_{n}(t,x)=0&{}\text { on }(0,T)\times \partial \Omega ,\\ u_{n}(0,x)=u_{0}^{n}&{}\text { in }\Omega , \end{array}\right. } \end{aligned}$$

where \(\Omega \) is a bounded open set of \(\mathbb {R}^{N}\), \(N\ge 1\), \(T>0\) and \(u_{0}^{n}\in C^{\infty }_{0}(\Omega )\) that approaches \(u_{0}\) in \(L^{1}(\Omega )\). Moreover \((\mu _{n})_{n\in \mathbb {N}}\) is a sequence of Radon measures with bounded variation in Q which converges to \(\mu \) in the narrow topology of measures. The main result states that, under the assumption of G-convergence of the operators \(A_{n}(v)=-\text {div}(a_{n}(t,x,\nabla v_{n}))\), defined for \(v_{n}\in L^{p}(0,T;W^{1,p}_{0}(\Omega ))\) for \(p>1\), to the operator \(A_{0}(v)=-\text {div}(a_{0}(t,x,\nabla v))\) and up to subsequences, \((u_{n})\) converges a.e. in Q to the renormalized solution u of the problem

$$\begin{aligned} {\left\{ \begin{array}{ll} u_{t}-\text {div}(a_{0}(t,x,\nabla u))=\mu &{}\text { in }Q=(0,T)\times \Omega ,\\ u(t,x)=0&{}\text { on }(0,T)\times \partial \Omega ,\\ u(0,x)=u_{0}&{}\text { in }\Omega . \end{array}\right. } \end{aligned}$$

The proposed renormalized formulation differs from the usual one by the fact that truncated function \(T_{k}(u_{n})\) (which depend on the solutions) are used in place of the solutions \(u_{n}\). We prove existence of such a limit-solution and we discuss its main properties in connection with G-convergence, we finally show the relationship between the new approach and the previous ones and we extend this result using capacitary estimates and auxiliary test functions.

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