Evaluation of the PI\(^\lambda \) Controllers Tuned by Differential Evolution

  • João Pedro Caseiro Oliveira
  • Edson Antonio BatistaEmail author
  • Ruben Barros Godoy
  • Cristiano Quevedo Andrea


This manuscript proposes a way to tune fractional-order proportional–integral controllers, to synthesize them in hardware and to evaluate them by using hardware-in-the-loop technique. In order to validate the tuned controllers, it was imposed to control a plant where two loops of control were necessary. The obtained results showed satisfactory performance for both designed controllers and proved that fractional calculus can be implemented on high-performance digital processors. Controllers were implemented on the Altera DE2-115 cyclone IV EP4CE115 board.


PI\(^\lambda \) controller Differential evolution FPGA 



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  1. 1.Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning and GeographyFederal University of Mato Grosso do SulCampo GrandeBrazil

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