The Key Role of CT for Success of Adrenal Venous Sampling Illustrated by a Unique Clinical Case

  • Gian Paolo RossiEmail author
  • Silvia Lerco
  • Diego Miotto
  • Giulio Barbiero
  • Michele Battistel
Case Report
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We hereby report on a unique case, which underlines the key role of computed tomography (CT) for guiding adrenal vein sampling (AVS) in the subtyping of primary aldosteronism (PA).

A 50-years-old woman presented in 2003 with drug-resistant hypertension, which lasted for more than seven years. Because of hypokalemia (3.3 mEq/l) and a raised aldosterone-to-renin-ratio (ARR) [70.4 (ng/dl)/(ng/ml/h)], which persisted post-captopril [ARR 56.1 (ng/dl)/(ng/ml/h)], she underwent an adrenal CT-scan that showed a 15-mm diameter hypodense lump in the right adrenal gland, and of “slight” ptosis of the right kidney and left kidney in the mid-pelvis. Unfortunately, following the practice ongoing at that time, the adrenal drainage was not assessed. On AVS, selectivity, as defined by an unstimulated selectivity index > 2.0, was not achieved on both sides. Therefore, the test was judged to be useless from the diagnostic standpoint and the patient was discharged on medical treatment with no...


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  3. 3.Clinica dell’Ipertensione Arteriosa, DIMEDUniversity HospitalPaduaItaly

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