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Effect of Amlodipine/Valsartan Versus Nebivolol/Valsartan Fixed Dose Combinations on Peripheral and Central Blood Pressure

  • Selvia M. FaragEmail author
  • Hoda M. Rabea
  • Hesham B. Mahmoud
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Although hypertensive drugs may have the same effect on peripheral blood pressure, they vary in their effect on central blood pressure and its indices.


To evaluate efficacy of fixed-dose combination of amlodipine 10 mg/valsartan 160 mg versus nebivolol 5 mg/valsartan 160 mg in grade 2 or more hypertensive patients assessed by peripheral and central blood pressure.


A prospective, open label, randomized study done in the outpatient cardiology clinic at Beni-Suef University Hospital. A total of 137 patients continued the study; group I (n = 75) received Amlodipine 10 mg/Valsartan 160 mg (A/V) and group II (n = 62) received Nebivolol 5 mg/Valsartan 160 mg (N/V). Peripheral, central blood pressure and its indices were measured at baseline, after 6 and 12 weeks.


The two combinations reduced peripheral and central BP (P < 0.0001) after 6 and 12 weeks. A/V combination significantly reduces central Pulse Pressure (PP) after 6 and 12 weeks (− 8.53 ± 13.80 and − 10.17 ± 11.29 (P < 0.0001) respectively), while N/V showed its efficacy in reducing central PP after 12 weeks (− 7.03 ± 13.10, P = 0.005). A/V combination was more effective in reducing Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) after 6 and 12 weeks; P < 0.0001 vs P = 0.004. After 6 weeks, N/V was more effective in reducing Augmentation Index (AIx) (− 6.00 ± 10.94 (P = 0.002) vs. − 3.44 ± 9.80 (P = 0.026)) while after 12 weeks A/V did not show any significance (P = 0.085).


Both treatment groups lowered patients’ peripheral, central blood pressure after 6 and 12 week of treatment, but Amlodipine/Valsartan combination was more effective. Both treatments exerted different effects on central indices.


Combination therapy Peripheral blood pressure Central blood pressure PWV AIx 


Compliance with Ethical Standards

Ethical approval

The study was approved by Faculty of Medicine - Beni-Suef University Research Ethical Committee “FM-BSU REC” and was registered (FWA00015574).

Informed consent

Informed consent was obtained from each patient before participation in the trial.

Conflict of interest

We declare that we have no conflict of interest.


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    Email author
  • Hoda M. Rabea
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  • Hesham B. Mahmoud
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  1. 1.Cardiovascular DepartmentBeni-Suef Hospital UniversityBeni-SuefEgypt
  2. 2.Clinical Pharmacy Department, Faculty of PharmacyBeni-Suef UniversityBeni-SuefEgypt
  3. 3.Beni-Suef Hospital UniversityBeni-SuefEgypt

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