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Web Service in Denmark for ADR Reporting

A web service launched in 2014 in Denmark to facilitate reporting of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) by doctors, dentists and midwives is not yet fully utilised and there appears to be limited awareness of the service, according to the Danish Medicines Agency.

To date, only three out of eight medical practice systems in Denmark have implemented the new web service. The Danish Medicines Agency is working to spread knowledge about the service, which enables the possibility of embedding ADR reporting into local practice systems directly, providing healthcare professionals with an easier and quicker way to report ADRs.

As well as being able to send reports directly from electronic patient records at a hospital or a medical practice, the web service eliminates the need to enter basic information manually by auto-filling parts of the report from the patient record. Auto-filled data can include information on the patient who experienced the ADR, details...

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