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Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis: 5 case reports
Case report
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An event is serious (based on the ICH definition) when the patient outcome is:

  • * death

  • * life-threatening

  • * hospitalisation

  • * disability

  • * congenital anomaly

  • * other medically important event

In a retrospective chart review of 328 patients, who underwent cardiac transplantation between 1998 and 2016, five men aged 51−71 years were identified, who developed invasive pulmonary aspergillosis secondary to immunosuppressive therapy with azathioprine, basiliximab, ciclosporin, mycophenolate, prednisone or tacrolimus [routes and times to reactions not stated; not all dosages stated].

Patient 1: A 59-year-old man underwent cardiac transplantation for dilated cardiomyopathy. Thereafter, he started receiving induction immunosuppression with basiliximab, followed by maintenance immunosuppression comprising prednisone 60 [unit not stated], ciclosporin and mycophenolate. Five days post-transplant, during routine follow-up, CT scan demonstrated multiple micronodular opacities,...


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