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Various toxicities following off-label use: 6 case reports
Case report

In a study of 7 patients, 6 patients including 5 women and one man, aged 35−70 years were described, who developed increased appetite, weight gain, galactorrhoea, amenorrhoea, elevated prolactin levels (PRL), tenderness in breasts during treatment with amisulpride or withdrawal syndrome following withdrawal of amisulpride given as an off-label treatment for depression [routes not stated; not all outcomes stated].

A 64-year-old woman experienced weight gain and increased appetite while receiving an off-label treatment with amisulpride. The woman had severe depression for 8 months with complaints of fatigue and a lack of appetite, interest and joy. In 3 months, she had unintentional weight loss of 10kg and was unable to perform her housework. Additionally, she had suicidal ideation. She had previously received escitalopram; however, it was discontinued due to ineffectiveness. On admission, she started receiving mirtazapine, which resulted in moderate improvement. After three weeks, she...


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