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Oxcarbazepine/sodium phenylbutyrate interaction

Elevated level of active or effective form of sodium phenylbutyrate: 2 case reports
Case report

Author InformationDrug interaction

In a case series, two children [one boy and one girl; exact ages at the time of reactions onset not stated] were described, who showed elevated level of active or effective form of sodium phenylbutyrate [time to reactions onset not stated] during concomitant administration of oxcarbazepine and sodium phenylbutyrate [4-phenylbutyrate] for progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 2 (PFIC2).

Patient A: At the time of report, the boy was 12 years old. He had physiologic jaundice during his neonatal period. At 3 months of age, he developed a bleeding diathesis and a suspicion of PFIC2 was made based on the various liver tests. He was irritable throughout infancy and began scratching himself by a year of age and his subsequent course became dominated by intractable severe pruritus. This scratching led to multiple and frequent impetiginized excoriations and episodes of cellulitis requiring antimicrobial therapy [specific drug not stated]. Attempts...


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