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Increased WBC count, anaemia and itching: 2 case reports
Case report

In a case series of two patients, a man in his 50s developed increased WBC count and mild to moderate anaemia and a woman in her early 40s developed slight and transient itching, during treatment with ribavirin.

Case 1: The man had an underlying condition of schizophrenia with auditory hallucinations and had received successful treatment with antipsychotics. After the second psychotic episode, he had started experiencing intermittent involuntary head shaking with no other psychiatric symptoms once or twice within the year. His head shaking occurred intermittently for a few days and was always accompanied by stressful events. At the age of 51 years, he started to experience head shaking almost every day, even when it wasn't a stressful event. A serological examination revealed presence of anti-bornavirus phosphoprotein IgG. After one and half year following initiation of head shaking symptoms, he gave consent for treatment with oral ribavirin. He started receiving oral ribavirin...


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