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Various toxicites: 7 case reports
Case report

In a retrospective chart review of 78 patients, seven patients (six male and one female; aged 7−14 years) were described, who developed throat itching (2 patient), hives (2 patient), cough (1 patient), erythematous conjunctiva (1 patient) and vomiting and throat discomfort (1 patient) during treatment with bee-venom-allergy-immunotherapy [honeybee-venom-allergy immunotherapy], wasp-venom-allergy-immunotherapy [Polistes] or unspecified mixed vespids for treatment of hymenoptera insect sting [routes and outcomes not stated].

Patient 1: A 13-year-old girl developed throat itching during treatment with wasp-venom allergy immunotherapy and unspecified mixed vespids. The girl received wasp venom allergy immunotherapy and unspecified mixed vespids at a cumulative dose of 5µg during up-dosing phase for treatment of hymenoptera insect sting. She developed moderate throat itching (grade 1) in less than 30 minutes after wasp venom allergy immunotherapy administration. She received treatment with...


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