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Diarrhoea, fatigue and stomatitis: case report
Case report

A 38-year-old man developed diarrhoea, general fatigue and stomatitis during treatment with pazopanib [route, duration of treatment to reactions onsets and outcomes not stated]. The man was diagnosed with inguinal epithelioid sarcoma followed by multiple lung metastases. He started receiving treatment with pazopanib 800mg in January 2013. A subsequent improvement in his condition was noted. However, he developed grade 1 or less diarrhoea, general fatigue and stomatitis during pazopanib treatment.

Author comment: "Side effects, including diarrhea, general fatigue, and stomatitis, have been observed, but they have all been grade 1 or less."


  1. Irimura S, et al. Successful treatment with pazopanib for multiple lung metastases of inguinal epithelioid sarcoma: A case report. Case Reports in Oncology 8: 378-384, No. 3, 2015. Available from: URL: -Japan

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