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Correction to: Safety and Efficacy of 0.5% Carbomer 980 Gel for Treatment of Symptoms of Common Cold: Results of 2 Randomized Trials

  • Lara DennieEmail author
  • Gilbert Shanga
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1 Correction to: Drugs in R&D (2019) 19:191–200

The original publication of the article contained the following errors:

The second author name “Gilbert Shanga” was omitted. His name has now been added to the author group with this erratum.

In Sect. 2.2.3 Endpoints, the 2nd sentence is incorrect. It should read as:

At each assessment, the individual NSS values were summed, and the scores for each assessment (excluding baseline NSS) were averaged to provide a daily NSS.

In Sect. 4 Discussion, the 3rd sentence is incorrect. It should read as:

The results were flat (i.e., not even a trend in favor of 0.5% carbomer 980 gel).

Similarly, the 7th sentence is also incorrect and it should read as:

It is therefore possible that the lack of clinical benefit of 0.5% carbomer 980 gel in our study may be due to the seasonal variability of the pathogens responsible for the common cold [27, 28].

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