Comment on: “Economic Implications of Pathogen Reduced and Bacterially Tested Platelet Components: A US Hospital Budget Impact Model”

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Dear Editor,

I read with interest the Cerus Corp.-sponsored report by Prioli et al. [1] presenting an interactive model of the economic implications associated with different strategies that may be employed to mitigate the risk of bacterial sepsis following platelet transfusion. The model allocates costs to pathogen-reduced platelets produced by the Cerus Intercept process (PR-PC), platelet concentrates tested with a rapid test (RT-PC) (The Platelet PGD Test, Verax Biomedical, Marlborough, MA, USA), and “conventional platelet concentrates” (C-PC), for which neither technology had been used. The authors also include in the model a mix of 50% RT-PC and 50% PR-PC.

The authors have apparently applied the cost of daily testing of platelets using the PGD Test but may not have been aware that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require daily testing. The legend for Fig. 3 states: “RT-PC are extended to a 7-day shelf life in this model, and require four secondary rapid bacterial...


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The author is an employee of Verax Biomedical Inc., which manufactures and sells the Platelet PGD Test.


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