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, Volume 34, Issue 6, pp 1058–1062 | Cite as

Bio-template Synthesis of Spirulina/α-Fe2O3 Composite with Improved Surface Wettability

  • Qingling Meng
  • Chenchen Xie
  • Ran DingEmail author
  • Liang Cao
  • Ke Ma
  • Li Li
  • Zhankun Weng
  • Zuobin WangEmail author


Bio-template method has recently attracted much attention because of its prominent advantages in obtaining morphology controlled materials with structural specificity, complexity and their unique functions. The bio-template method combining with electrochemical deposition was employed to synthesize spirulina/hematite composite microstructures using native spirulina as template. A great amount of hematite(α-Fe2O3) nanoparticles can be formed and deposited onto the spirulina, resulting in a robust and pseudo-homogeneous surface. And the spirulina/α-Fe2O3 composite exhibits an improved surface wettability due to its helical morphology. This facile strategy may open new horizons in the field of replicating specific biological structures for functional materials in other potential applications.


α-Fe2O3 nanoparticle Spirulina platensis Bio-template synthesis Electrochemical deposition Hydro-phobic wettability 


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  1. 1.International Research Centre for Nano Handing and Manufacturing of China(CNM)Changchun University of Science and TechnologyChangchunP. R. China

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