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Stage 1 Palliation of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome: What the Pediatric Anesthesiologist Needs to Know

  • Dawn M. SweeneyEmail author
  • Jane Arcadi
Pediatric Anesthesia (J Lerman, Section Editor)
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Purpose of Review

The purpose of this review is to discuss the features of stage 1 palliation of hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). Comparison will be made between traditional surgical approaches and hybrid approaches. Anesthetic considerations for infants with these types of palliations will be discussed.

Recent Findings

While historically surgical palliation in the neonatal period or neonatal heart transplant has been the primary means of survival for neonates with HLHS, in the last two decades, more centers have been performing hybrid palliation of this defect. This palliation can be performed with the expectation that a comprehensive second-stage palliation will be done in the next several months, or it can be used as a bridge to transplant. Other uses are also being explored as research continues.


Advances in the care of neonates with HLHS have led to increased survival. As surgical technique and non-surgical care of these infants continue to improve, the pediatric anesthesiologist will need to be familiar with the anatomic and physiologic implications of the various types of palliation.


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