Robotic Gastric Cancer Surgery: What Happened Last Year?

  • Muhammet Kadri ÇolakoğluEmail author
  • Volkan Öter
  • Erdal Birol Bostancı
Robotic Surgery (E. Berber, Section Editor)
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Purpose of review

This following review aims to evaluate the role of robotic surgery in gastric cancer, comparison with open and laparoscopic alternatives, based on the articles published last year.

Recent Findings

Robotic gastric surgery is a promising and developing platform in the surgical era and its perioperative or oncological results after gastric cancer surgery are still under evaluation. Besides this, the approaches of eastern and western societies in robotic gastric surgery are also different as in open surgery, in some ways.


Robotic gastric surgery seems to be more advantageous to use in early-stage gastric cancers, it causes less bleeding and provides technical advantage to the surgeon. The high cost and the long operation time are still the biggest problems. There is no difference in terms of oncological results compared to other methods. It is feasible and safe alternative to other methods.


Gastric cancer Robotic surgery Minimal invasive surgery 


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