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Automation on the Rise

  • Mathias Heerwagen
  • Thomas Schneider

Dear Readers,

The Formula Student Germany has never been as international: almost 120 teams from 25 countries were on the grid at the Hockenheim ring including participants from India, China, Russia, Latvia and even Australia.

Hard work, technical insights, discipline and even sponsors increase the chance of victory. It is also indispensable that the knowledge gained over the course of time is transferred to all members of the team. The teams are reformed every season because members finish their studies, or it is time to leave for a semester abroad. Christoph Zinke, an ex-FSG participant, says in an interview that knowledge transfer is a critical factor to be able to compete with the front runners. In a second interview, Prof. Dr. Stefan Gies from Volkswagen underlines that success is only possible through teamwork.

Just as in a transmission, in Formula Student many gears need to engage to enable things to move forwards: industrial sponsors, voluntary helpers and also universities and colleges that give the students the required space all contribute to making Formula Student an unforgettable experience.

The enthusiasm is palpable everywhere in the paddock and this is also felt by the OEMs, suppliers and development service providers that are looking for young talent. New blood with fresh ideas and a special approach to solving problems is in demand in the automotive industry — the FSG has established itself as a job market.

Just as is the case in conventional automotive development, increasing automation is also noticeable in the Formula Student: The organisers have announced that only the two classes of Combustion and Electric will be permitted in 2021, and that the acceleration races must run in driverless-mode. In the meantime, we can recommend a visit to the Formula Student 2019, which takes place at the Hockenheimring from 5th to 11th August.

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