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Preparation is the First Step Towards Success

  • Korbinian Schalkhammer
  • Elena Zehnder
Formula Student Germany Scrutineering

Car keepers in many countries know and fear the way to the general inspection every second year and the involved worries of not getting the important badge which proves the technical acceptance. The difference between road traffic and Formula Student is very small from this point of view. To participate in the most important moment of every season, the competitions all over the world, the race cars of the students need to conform to some fundamental safety conditions and rules.

How to make Scrutineering easy

This year, the Starkstrom Augsburg Driverless team could convince with an excellently prepared car and therefore paved their way through technical inspections (the scrutineering) and to the dynamic events of Formula Student Germany (FSG) extremely fast. Only a few small improvements were necessary for receiving the much sought-after Scruti-sticker. Because of the fact that the construction competition requires overall team work, there comes up one question: How can successors of...

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  • Korbinian Schalkhammer
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  • Elena Zehnder
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  1. 1.University of Applied Sciences AugsburgAugsburgGermany

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