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“Knowledge Management Leads to Victory”

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Formula Student Germany Interview

Christopher Zinke, as an ex-participant, has known the Formula Student scene for many years. After a career step at Audi working on the Le Mans project, he is now working for AID, a start-up developing functions for autonomous driving. He remains involved in the FSG as a judge. In the interview, the engineer explains what he looks for in the inspection, how teams can achieve greater success and what the difference between working in a start-up and in a Formula Student team is.

ATZextra _ Mr. Zinke, as a student, you participated in the Formula Student for four years. What did you learn during that time that is useful in your daily work?

Zinke_ In the FSG, the aim is for the team to achieve a goal and to create a technical product to support this. And then of course, to accurately identify the compromises and to answer the questions: How can this be done with respect to time and resource management, what is the best way to construct the vehicle to achieve the goal? This reaching out...

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