Application of Natural Dyes on Protein Fibres Following Pad–Steam Methods

  • Sankar Roy MaulikEmail author
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An aqueous extract of different vegetable colourants, viz. Punica granatum, Camellia sinensis and Rheum emodi, can be used for dyeing of wool and silk fabrics following a pad–steam process in the absence and presence of magnesium sulphate, aluminium sulphate and ferrous sulphate. Among different mordanting methods, a simultaneous application of salt produces most balanced improvements in terms of dye receptivity and colour fastness properties assessed in terms of washing and light of the dyed substrates. Among the mordanting agents used, aluminium sulphate and ferrous sulphate are found to be superior as compared to magnesium sulphate.


Camellia sinensis Mordant Padding Punica granatum Rheum emodi Silk Wool 



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