Synthesis and Characterization of Oleic Acid-Capped Metallic Copper Nanoparticle via Chemical Reduction Method

  • Zeenat Arif
  • A. B. Soni
  • S. N. Victoria
  • R. ManivannanEmail author
Original Contribution


Copper nanoparticles were synthesized from copper chloride precursor using sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate as the reducing agent. Oleic acid was used as the capping agent. Surfactants like polyvinyl alcohol/polyvinyl pyrrolidone were used to avoid the oxide formation and to prevent the agglomeration. Use of polyvinyl pyrrolidone resulted in better-quality samples. X-ray diffraction studies showed that the crystallite size of the particles decreased with an increase in the reaction temperature. Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy analysis for the samples synthesized at various temperatures showed a lower degree of oxidation at higher reaction temperatures. Particles of uniform shape were obtained at higher reducing agent concentration. Transmission electron microscopy studies showed the formation of spherical particles between 10 and 30 nm diameter. Results from selective area diffraction pattern confirm the formation of copper nanoparticles.


Copper Chemical reduction Stability Surfactants Crystal size 



We thank the Department of Chemical Engineering IIT Madras for their support to carry out the particle size distribution analysis.


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