Effects of Dual-Phase Reinforcement Particles (Fly Ash + Al2O3) on the Wear and Tensile Properties of the AA 7075 Al Alloy Based Composites

  • T. Ram Prabhu
  • M. Murugan
  • B. P. Chiranth
  • R. K. Mishra
  • N. Rajini
  • P. MarimuthuEmail author
  • P. Dinesh Babu
  • G. Suganya
Original Contribution


In the present study, Al2O3 and fly ash-reinforced Al 7075 alloy composites were processed using stir-casting process. To study the influence of reinforcement on the tensile strength, density and wear resistance for the four different volume fractions (5%, 10%, 15% and 20%) are considered. The hardness and tensile properties are evaluated for each composition. Further, wear tests are carried out at the load (10 N, 20 N, 40 N, 80 N), sliding speed (1.45 m/s) and sliding distance (500 m). It is noticed that the density of the composite depends on the reinforcement. Density increases when the Al2O3 fraction increases and decreases with the fly ash. The addition of Al2O3 in the soft Al 7075 matrix linearly increases the hardness, and the similar results are obtained for the tensile strength. Although the addition of fly ash has no significant effect on the tensile strength and hardness, the better results are obtained when both Al2O3 and fly ash are mixed with Al 7075 matrices. It is found that wear resistance of the composite increases with the addition of Al2O3 and fly ash, which agrees with the hardness results. Improved wear resistance is obtained for the Al 7075 + 10% Al2O3 + 10% fly ash composite.


Aluminium composite Stir-casting Al2O3 Fly ash Mechanical properties Wear properties 



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  • T. Ram Prabhu
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  • M. Murugan
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  • B. P. Chiranth
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  • R. K. Mishra
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  • N. Rajini
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  • P. Marimuthu
    • 5
    Email author
  • P. Dinesh Babu
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  • G. Suganya
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  5. 5.Department of Mechanical EngineeringSASTRA Deemed UniversityThanjavurIndia
  6. 6.Coimbatore Institute of TechnologyCoimbatoreIndia

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