A Review Report on Turbocharged Diesel Engine with Alternative Fuels

  • Datla Ravichandra
  • Ravi Kumar Puli
  • V. P. ChandramohanEmail author
Review Paper


The present paper aims to review and forecast the chances of encouraging vegetable oils and their derivatives as alternative fuels in internal combustion (IC) engines with a turbocharger. The biodiesel-operated engines performance can be enhanced with the updated technology like turbochargers. The environmental concerned issues and alarming usage rate of fossil fuels demand the researchers and scientists to work vigorously on biodiesels as an alternate fuel for IC engines. The thermophysical properties of different biodiesels are nearly similar to that of conventional fuels. Most of the experimental work is carried out on the naturally aspirated diesel engine using diesel fuel and blended with biodiesels, but less work was accomplished with a turbocharger. The performance and emissions characteristics with different biodiesels in the diesel engine with turbocharger are analysed. Consumption of biodiesel in a diesel engine with turbocharger shows an extensive reduction in carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbon, particulate matters and nitrogen oxide emissions. Based on performance and emission characteristics, utilization of biodiesels in the turbocharged diesel engine provides better results when compared to conventional engines.


Alternative fuels Diesel engine Performance and emissions Turbocharged diesel engine 



American Society for Testing and Materials


Brake mean effective pressure (bar)


Brake specific fuel consumption (kg/kW-h)


Brake thermal efficiency (%)


Compression ignition


Carbon dioxide


Carbon monoxide


Common rail direct injection


Exhaust gas analyser


Environmental protection agency


Homogeneous charge compression ignition


Internal combustion


Lower heating value (MJ/kg)


Nitrogen oxide


Percentage energy substitutions


Particulate matter


Rice bran oil


Methyl ester of rice bran oil


Start of combustion


Sulphur dioxide


Turbocharged direct injection


Unburned hydrocarbon


Ultra-low sulphur



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