Characterization and Mechanical Properties of 2014 Aluminum Alloy Reinforced with Al2O3p Composite Produced by Two-Stage Stir Casting Route

  • V. BharathEmail author
  • Santhrusht S. Ajawan
  • Madev Nagaral
  • Virupaxi Auradi
  • Shivaputrappa Amarappa Kori
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Metal matrix composites (MMC’s) form appropriate choice of materials where there is a demand for stiffness, strength combined with low weight for different applications. The applications of Aluminum based MMC’s as engineering materials has been exceedingly increased in almost all industrial sectors. Aluminum strengthened with Al2O3p gives excellent physical and mechanical properties like high hardness, low density, high electrical conductivity etc., which are generally used in the field of aerospace, automobile and industrial applications. In present work, an attempt is being made to integrate 2014 Al alloy with Al2O3p by two stage stir casting with addition level of reinforcement maintained at 9 and 12 wt%. Microstructural characterization carried out using scanning electron microscopy showed fairly uniform distribution of Al2O3p with grain refinement of the matrix. These prepared composites are mechanically characterized as per the ASTM standards using computerized universal testing machine. Improvements in tensile strength, density and hardness of the prepared composites were observed with increase in the reinforcement wt%. Percentage improvements of 5.09% (9 wt%), 17.65% (12 wt%) in terms of tensile strength and 29.18% (9 wt%), 43.69% (12 wt%) in terms of hardness were obtained respectively.


2014 Al alloy Al2O3p Two stage stir casting Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) 


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  1. 1.Siddaganga Institute of TechnologyTumkurIndia
  2. 2.Department of Mechanical EngineeringBasveshwara Engineering CollegeBagalkotIndia

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