Multiphysics Simulation of Welding-Arc and Nozzle-Arc System: Mathematical-Model, Solution-Methodology and Validation

  • Sumedh Pawar
  • Atul SharmaEmail author
Original Contribution


This work presents mathematical model and solution methodology for a multiphysics engineering problem on arc formation during welding and inside a nozzle. A general-purpose commercial CFD solver ANSYS FLUENT 13.0.0 is used in this work. Arc formation involves strongly coupled gas dynamics and electro-dynamics, simulated by solution of coupled Navier-Stoke equations, Maxwell’s equations and radiation heat-transfer equation. Validation of the present numerical methodology is demonstrated with an excellent agreement with the published results. The developed mathematical model and the user defined functions (UDFs) are independent of the geometry and are applicable to any system that involves arc-formation, in 2D axisymmetric coordinates system. The high-pressure flow of \({\text{SF}}_{6}\) gas in the nozzle-arc system resembles arc chamber of \({\text{SF}}_{6}\) gas circuit breaker; thus, this methodology can be extended to simulate arcing phenomenon during current interruption.


Multiphysics simulation Nozzle-arc \({\text{SF}}_{6}\) gas circuit breaker Magneto-hydro-dynamics (MHD) Current interruption 


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