Integration of Flex Nozzle System and Electro Hydraulic Actuators to Solid Rocket Motors

  • Kishore Nath NayaniEmail author
  • Dinesh Kumar Bajaj
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A rocket motor assembly comprised of solid rocket motor and flex nozzle system. Integration of flex nozzle system and hydraulic actuators to the solid rocket motors are done after transportation to the required place where integration occurred. The flex nozzle system is integrated to the rocket motor in horizontal condition and the electro hydraulic actuators are assembled to the flex nozzle systems. The electro hydraulic actuators are connected to the hydraulic power pack to operate the actuators. The nozzle-motor critical interface are insulation diametrical compression, inhibition resin-28, insulation facial compression, shaft seal ‘O’ ring compression and face seal ‘O’ ring compression.


Flex nozzle system Electro hydraulic actuators Inhibition resin-28 Shaft seal Face seal Mirror image sensors 


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