Modified Minkowski Fractal Antenna for Wireless Applications

  • Amandeep Singh Brar
  • Jagtar Singh SiviaEmail author
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A multiband Modified Minkowski Fractal Antenna which can operate at UHF, L, S, C and X band of IEEE standard is presented in this paper. The proposed antenna is simple and low cost. It can work on many bands starting from few hundred megahertz (500 MHz) frequency up to gigahertz (7.1 GHz) frequency. Structure of antenna has been designed by combining Minkowski curve with its inverted Minkowski curve. A maximum gain up to 20 dB, VSWR, radiation pattern and twenty resonant frequencies has been achieved using proposed antenna structure. Simulated results executed in HFSS software. Proposed antenna works on resonant frequencies of 496 MHz to 1.06 GHz (wide band), 1.45, 2.09, 2.38, 3.23, 3.79, 4.06, 4.35, 4.65, 4.82, 5.24, 5.62, 6.12 GHz etc.




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  1. 1.Yadavindra College of EngineeringPunjabi University Guru Kashi CampusBathindaIndia

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