Experimental Study of Sulphate Attack on Steel Embedded in Reinforced Concrete

  • Ashutosh Shanker TrivediEmail author
  • Sudhir Singh Bhadauria
  • Sarvesh Kumar Jain
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Corrosion in reinforced concrete structure is a serious problem that leads to unexpected premature deterioration of reinforced concrete structure. One of the causes of the steel corrosion is due to ingress of sulphide ions at the surface of reinforcing bars in concrete. This study is an attempt to estimate corrosion effect of sulphuric acid solution through the parameters such as corrosion current density, corrosion rate and weight loss. This experimental study is carried out with the help of three-electrode electrochemical system. The study involves 12 mm ø and 8 mm ø steel bars embedded in cylindrical concrete specimen kept in sulphuric acid solution. Formation of a brown ring and cracks is observed near the bottom. The corrosion rate is found to be very high, when the specimens are immersed in concentrated sulphuric acid solution. The effect of diameter of bar to corrosion rate is observed to be negligible. Rusting is more in that portion of bar which is near the top; this may be due to its proximity to counter electrode and no provision of cover at this portion.


Reinforcement concrete Corrosion rate Sulphuric acid Corrosion current density Weight loss LPR technique 



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