Characterization of Bacillus Species with Keratinase and Cellulase Properties Isolated from Feather Dumping Soil and Cockroach Gut

  • Sonika SharmaEmail author
  • Rajesh Kumar Prasad
  • Soumya Chatterjee
  • Angkita Sharma
  • Mohan G. Vairale
  • Kamlesh Kumar Yadav
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The present study was conducted with an objective to isolate and screen bacteria with dual characteristics of cellulase and keratinase production from soil of feather dumping site and from the gut of cockroaches which inhabit these sites. By using standard microbiological protocols and techniques, 13 bacteria (K1–K13) were isolated from soil samples and 18 isolates from cockroach gut (K14–K31), and further these isolates were screened for keratinase activity. The positive isolates with keratinase activity were subsequently screened for cellulase production. The enzymatic activity of both keratinase and cellulase was quantified followed by characterization and identification of these positive isolates through 16S rRNA genetic region sequencing. The isolate showing maximum keratinase and cellulase enzyme activity was selected and tested for degradation potential using animal skin with hairs as a natural keratin. The present study demonstrates the waste management ability of Bacillus sp., with dual characteristics of cellulase and keratinase production isolated from cockroach gut.


Cellulase activity Hydrolysis capacities Waste management 16S rDNA Enzyme 



The authors thankfully acknowledge the support of Defence Research & Development Organization, Ministry of Defence, for intramural research funds. They also extend their sincere thanks to  Dr. Sibnarayan Datta, Scientist, DRL and Dr. Yangchen Bhutia, Scientist, DRL, Dr. Narendra Kumar, DAVV & Director Defence Research Laboratory, Tezpur, for their kind support and help in manuscript preparation.

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The authors declare no conflict of interest to publish this manuscript.

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  2. 2.Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Amity Institute of BiotechnologyAmity UniversityNoidaIndia
  3. 3.Gangabishan Bhikulal Investment and Trading Limited (GBIT)JalnaIndia

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