Ricci Almost Solitons on Three-Dimensional Quasi-Sasakian Manifolds

  • Avijit SarkarEmail author
  • Amit Sil
  • Avijit Kumar Paul
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In this paper it is shown that a three-dimensional non-cosymplectic quasi-Sasakian manifold admitting Ricci almost soliton is locally \(\phi \)-symmetric. It is proved that a Ricci almost soliton on a three-dimensional quasi-Sasakian manifold reduces to a Ricci soliton. It is also proved that if a three-dimensional non-cosymplectic quasi-Sasakian manifold admits gradient Ricci soliton, then the potential function is invariant in the orthogonal distribution of the Reeb vector field \(\xi\). We also improve some previous results regarding gradient Ricci soliton on three-dimensional quasi-Sasakian manifolds. An illustrative example is given to support the obtained results.


Ricci flow Ricci solitons Locally \(\phi \) symmetric Gradient Ricci solitons Quasi-Sasakian manifolds 

Mathematics Subject Classification

53 C 15 53 D 15 


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of KalyaniKalyani, NadiaIndia

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