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Construction of Right Gyrogroups

  • Akhilesh Chandra YadavEmail author
Short Communication


Attempts have been made to introduce notion of class assigned functions k for a given group G and observed that it determines a right gyrogroup \((G, o_k)\). It is also observes that \((G, o_k)\) will be a group if and only if G is a nilpotent group of class 2 and will be a gyrogroup for a nilpotent group of class 3, where \(k(x)=1\) for all \(x\in G\setminus \{1\}\).


Right gyrogroups Gyrotransversals Gyrogroups 

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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsMahatma Gandhi Kashi VidyapithVaranasiIndia

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