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Development Potentials of Lidar Sensors for Automated Vehicles

  • Jürgen LudwigEmail author

Lidar ideally supplements sensor fusion including camera and radar. The Micro Motion Technology by Cepton Technologies without mechanically working mirrors allows for cost-efficient lidar sensors, while package and functional safety fulfill the high requirement for automotive applications.

Lidar advantages

Most experts agree that autonomous vehicles need a third kind of sensor in addition to a camera and radar [1]. Lidar sensors enable a vehicle to accurately perceive its environment under all possible conditions, and the new laser imaging sensors are currently being widely heralded in the automotive press. However, at the end of 2018, there were only a handful of lidar sensors on the market that conformed to automotive standards for series production.

Although innovative new technologies for field of view scanning are regularly being introduced to optimise individual parameters such as range or range of vision, before lidar can be successfully rolled out in mass-produced vehicles, the...

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