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“A rethinking process is occurring — favoring electric mobility”

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With the unveiling of the EQC production-ready SUV in Stockholm (Sweden) in early September 2018, Daimler has launched its model offensive for battery-electrically powered vehicles under the brand EQ. Ten further models will follow by 2022. Jürgen Schenk, Chief Engineer eDrive System Integration at Daimler, talks with ATZelektronik about the expansion plans, the positioning of the different powertrain technologies, and new business models.

ATZelektronik _ Mr. Schenk, production of your first electric vehicle under the EQ product brand, the EQC, begins in spring. How do you intend to expand the model range?

SCHENK_ By 2022, we will start a veritable firework display of a total of ten battery-electric mass production vehicles, so-called BEVs. Last year, we already launched the fourth generation of our electric smart that is now also integrated into the EQ product brand. In addition, there is our Mercedes Benz GLC F-Cell with plug-in fuel-cell drive, which will soon be delivered to the...

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