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More Environmentally Friendly Cruise Liners?

  • Christiane Köllner
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With their emissions of sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter, cruise ships have a poor environmental footprint. On the open sea they burn huge quantities of heavy oil and in port their diesel fumes pollute the air. But the cruise industry is gradually starting to change its approach. Some shipping companies have set their course for a cleaner future with new types of ships and alternative drive systems.

The problems caused by cruising

The cruise liner Aida Nova, which is largely powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), has been in operation on the world's oceans since the end of 2018. It bears with it the industry's hopes for improvements in the environmental footprint of luxury liners. Although it always has a supply of marine diesel on board, this is only intended as a reserve in the event of a failure of the LNG system. It is also used to start the ship's four engines. Although today, LNG in most cases is a fossil fuel that consists primarily of methane, the...

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