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ElroSeal-e - A New Standard for Electric Drives

  • Uwe Koch
  • Uwe Wallner

Electric mobility and alternative drive systems are responses to climate change, diminishing fossil resources, and local environmental pollution. Electric motors form the basis of battery-powered, fuel cell, and hybrid drives. ElringKlinger has developed a series of gaskets for high-speed applications, based on the Speedflon high-performance seals, especially for electric mobility.

High Speeds

The trend is toward integrated e-axles, where the electric motor, transmission, and drive axle are combined in a single unit. At the transition between the electric motor and transmission, speeds of 12,000 to 17,000 rpm create conditions that place substantially greater demands on the gasket than the speeds of a combustion engine, and the trend is toward even higher values. Extreme challenges arise from the necessary shaft diameters due to very high circumferential speeds in combination with operating conditions at high and low temperatures, the required chemical resistance, and potential...

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  • Uwe Koch
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  • Uwe Wallner
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  1. 1.ElringKlinger KunststofftechnikBietigheim-BissingenGermany

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