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Microanalytical Method for Mass Emissions Data in Actual Road Traffic

  • Frank Heepen

Exhaust measurements on test benches and under RDE conditions can provide information on the exhaust behavior of vehicle types. However, they are not suitable for assessing the influence of road traffic on air pollution. Horiba has developed in cooperation with the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research a system that can measure the actual emissions of a vehicle fleet for use in mass data analysis.

Starting Point

In the discussion of a more realistic determination of the nitrogen oxide, particulate, and ammonia emissions of motor vehicles, the responsible technical committee of the European Union decided in May 2015 that the previous measurements for type approval on air-conditioned exhaust gas chassis dynamometers would have to be supplemented by the measurement of emissions in actual road traffic. The RDE tests required for this purpose are done with Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMSs) and utilize a prescribed testing method; the results are then...

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