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Continental | 48-V Full Hybrid System

Continental Powertrain has introduced a new 48-V drive system, consisting of an electric motor with integrated power electronics and a battery. It has similar features to high-voltage electric powertrains but is significantly cheaper. The new water-cooled electric motor has a peak output of 30 kW. This amounts to double the power of its predecessor, but the size and weight remain almost unchanged. The motor allows for pure electric driving up to a speed of 90 km/h. It is no longer located in front of the engine on the crankshaft, but behind it, between the engine and the transmission (P2 hybrid). The integrated power electronics system can handle significantly higher currents and is 10 % more electrically efficient than the previous version. The addition of an onboard charging system and a larger battery would make a plug-in hybrid drive with 48-V technology a possibility.

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